Value chain of prada

Most Prada bags will have one of the following type of interior compartment: Hardware Hardware used in Prada products comes in three colors.

Value chain of prada

She would remain in this role for the next 20 years. Miuccia would eventually inherit the family business years later, in Miuccia began to incorporate her own designs into the company, releasing her first line of totes and backpacks made of the durable Pocone fabric in Having already made a name for themselves in Milan, Miuccia and Bertelli expanded the company further, with locations in Florence, Paris, New York, and Madrid.

The business itself also expanded with the launch of a new shoe line in The collection included designs that utilized sleek lines and basic colors, but were made with extravagant fabrics. It was this inauspicious reputation along with the originality of their designs that made the Prada brand one of the most sought-after status symbols of the s.

To catch the attention of fashion editors, Di Marco had Prada handbags displayed in the most prominent places of department stores. This strategy worked, and the success of the growing brand was reflected in the In latea duplex megastore opened in Kuala Lampur.

Value chain of prada

In Seoul, Korea, Prada opened the Prada Transformer, a structure that changes shape, with the use of cranes to rotate the building, based on its function. Ina new Milan store was opened on Corso Venezia.

Prada continues to be one of the most fashion houses around the world.

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Known for the simple elegance of their design and their high-quality materials, Prada products have become international symbols of style and opulence.

Celebrities and debutantes are often photographed striking a pose while clutching their favorite Prada handbag or Prada wallet.integrated value chain One of key success factors of the Prada Group is the integrated management of the whole production, the direct control of the strategic phases - from the creation and development of the product, to orders, supply, main processes and distribution – and the ability to innovate in all stages.

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to sourcing, distribution, marketing, and supply-chain relationships. The move to simplify IT To maintain its competitive edge and better serve customers in each of its retail stores worldwide, Prada decided it needed to upgrade and simplify its aging hardware and software infrastructure to .

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Originally named 'chouchou' (French for 'favourite'), it was given.

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