Success criteria for writing a play script ks2 maths

Next How to set out a play script A script is a piece of writing in the form of drama. Drama is different from prose forms of writing like novels and short stories because it is intended to be performed, either on stage, radio, television or film. This means that it has to sound effective when it is read out loud. It also means that it has to be written in a special form.

Success criteria for writing a play script ks2 maths

Whether the class is studying Greek, Roman, Norse or even Mayan mythology, students can learn so much about the culture through the timeless stories.

The best way to lead into this lesson is to study the myths. There are many Greek and Roman mythology resource books available. Preparation for Script Writing Select many books that have myths from a variety of cultures.

Students can read and turn the story into a script. If working with middle school level students or lower level high school students, select books with pictures. For older students, they can use their classic mythology books. The groups should be set up so that some vivacious students are with some quiet ones.

success criteria for writing a play script ks2 maths

Modernize Myths Step 3 —Tell students that they will need to write a prologue for the play and a script. The prologue will introduce the characters in the play and tell the basic story line.

If students choose to modernize the play, then this should be explained in the prologue. Step 4 — Ask students if they want to modernize the myth through updating names of characters or setting the scene in modern-day. Many will choose to go this route. However, some will have fund trying to set the script in the appropriate time period.

Step 5 — Students write the script. Students can work in a large group or split the story into smaller segments that groups of two can work on together. The key is that the students are productive and that they can write a script in a set amount of time.

Practice Plays Step 6 — Students need to practice the play using the script. Copies can be made for each actor and simple props can be brought in for the performance. Step 7 — Perform the play for the class. The project can be assessed with a rubric.

The criteria for the rubric can be teamwork, script, execution of the play and creativity.

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It is also good to give an individual grade so that students who choose not to help the group will be assessed individually. A productivity grade can be given individually.

References This post is part of the series:LI - To write a scene from a playscript. Success Criteria: E Exciting sentence starters I have included a cast list at the start. S Simile I have put speakers names on the left of my page. C Connectives I have not used speech marks.

A Adjectives/Adverbs I have started a new line for each new speech. P Punctuation I have wrote stage directions in . Incey Wincey spider Climbing up again. The interactivity can be used on an interactive whiteboard as an alternative introduction for older children or as a follow-on for younger ones.

Targets Strategies Provision Success Criteria Achieved To be addressed in an appropriate specified time Any specific IEP Start Date: Review Date: KS2/3 SATs English: Maths: Science: Play at hunting for the name - toy try to find it.

Match name card to name on items made, book bag. After watching they could write definitions and examples for these cards.

Pupils could also create a success criteria for their own writing after watching the features be explained in this. Maths - Key Stage 2 ( year olds) There is an option to play the games against the clock and also with mixed whole numbers and fractions.

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Highly recommended. An excellent teaching resource for enabling children to practice working with fractions. Good for mental maths sessions and for KS2 .

success criteria for writing a play script ks2 maths

[Updated] This short radio play example package includes an introduction to writing drama for radio as well as production note and tips. It also includes a short scene from a radio play complete with script, sound FX and production notes.

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