Strengths and weaknesses of the british

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Strengths and weaknesses of the british

Created in and ratified init was an agreement between the thirteen original states that created a structure on how the new country would be governed and gave it a chance to achieve full-fledged independence.

Here are some of the strengths of the Articles of Confederation: It allowed the country to have some form of government. The Articles of Confederation solved this for them by putting the Congress in power and giving it the authority to make the best possible decisions for the new nation.

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It promoted trade and travel. This changed, though, when the Articles of Confederation was put into place.

Strengths and weaknesses of the british

It gave the U. It forced other nations to see the U. Articles of Confederation Weaknesses As mentioned above, many historians and scholars look down on the Articles of Confederation because it came with several weaknesses.

For them, the fact that the Articles was replaced with another constitution was enough proof that it was not as strong and useful as it should have been. Some of its flaws include the following: The government had to request individual states to submit taxes, but the citizens ignored the requests mainly because they were not strictly enforced.

As a result, the country had no money to repay its debts both on a state and national level and no funds to support the growth of the nation. The Articles of Confederation had a few strengths.

Strengths and weaknesses of the british

Unfortunately, its weakness left it unable to achieve its goals and protect the newly formed United States, which was why it had to be replaced with a stronger and more dependable constitution.This essay will outline strengths and weakness of both Presidential and Parliamentary systems respectively.

Furthermore, this essay will also examine a different system which is a fusion of both Presidential and Parliamentary systems, that is, the Semi- presidentialism which has been adopted by some countries such as France, South Africa and.

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Sep 06,  · Given that the British and Commonwealth taxpayers spent most of the interwar period trying to avoid just such an obligation, and greatly weakened their militaries in the process, this situation is less reflective of weakness than of the vast untapped inherent strength of the organization.

BP Global (BP) SWOT Analysis Profile. BP Global plc (BP, formerly known as British Petroleum) is unique among petroleum companies in that it also engages in the production and distribution of aluminum coils for the beverage industry.

The British Museum - its many strengths and a few weaknesses This morning I visited The British Museum and for the first time came away pleased I’d made the effort. I still found the Great Court, which circles the old Reading Room, uninviting.

World War I - Forces and resources of the combatant nations in When war broke out, the Allied powers possessed greater overall demographic, industrial, and military resources than the Central Powers and enjoyed easier access to the oceans for trade with neutral countries, particularly with the United States.

Table 1 shows the population, steel production, and armed strengths of the two.

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