Elements of expatriate compensation essay

Discuss the compensation philosophies and approaches that have been used at Wal-mart. Discuss the nature of the product or service provided.

Elements of expatriate compensation essay

This Elements of expatriate compensation essay deals with a case study that analyzes the expatriate management issues that can occur in an organizational structure. This assignment focuses on a pharmaceutical company namely AstraZeneca.

Over the years, AstraZeneca has able to build a strong reputation for handling its expat management practices. Around employees of AstraZeneca are working on both short-term and long-term international assignments.

AstraZeneca provided language and cultural training to their potential expat so that they can able to handle issues in a different culture. To implement this, AstraZeneca team up the potential expats with an international assignment manager IA managerwho brief the expats on organization policies and opportunities.

The expats also provided with several trainings by AstraZeneca before leaving for any international assignment. AstraZeneca provides this training to give information about the culture of the host country, particularly the major differences with the expats home country.

Sometimes for follow-up workshops in the assigned country, expats stayed in touch with their IA manager in addition to the home country manager. According to its HR manager, AstraZeneca is aware of the fact that they are working across various time zones.

Some expats of AstraZeneca felt that practices like preparing employees for different international assignments, giving them support and assigning IA managers were very effective.

As these practices, encourage expats to perform well in unknown environments. According to them, the company will send fewer people on an international assignment because of the poor performance of the economy.

Since sending people on international projects costs highly, the company will have to take a second look at the situation. Many also predicted a cut of compensation associated with international projects. On the other hand, AstraZeneca has cleared that they do not have any plan in near future to deploy their international staffs.

Since dealing with international assignments are critical, companies need to look at several factors beyond expenditure to identify the right person to perform this job. AstraZeneca also announced that they are more concern about choosing right person rather than the costs associated with it.

Hence before choosing anyone, AstraZeneca can consider some factors Vaiman et al.

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Since this job demands geographical relocation, AstraZeneca can fill out an application by their existing employees. In that application form, AstraZeneca can ask their employees whether they are willing to relocate internationally and their preferred location.

AstraZeneca also needs to be consistent in their practices and procedures for expatriates.

Elements of expatriate compensation essay

AstraZeneca has policies that are written with the expats in mind Czajor, However, AstraZeneca needs to ensure these policies are applied to all the expatriates around the world. Key issues like reimbursement, compensation packages and benefits are needed to be cleared to the expats before assigning them any international projects.

A support network is also crucial for expats. When expats are on foreign assignments, they can be under immense stress due to transitions of roles, differences in language, values, culture and expectations Hayat, As a result, AstraZeneca needs to be extremely cautious in choosing right expats for the right positions and at the right locations.

AstraZeneca can build a personal development committee between departmental staff and human resource staff to nominate most suitable candidate for the assignment. By providing information, AstraZeneca can give their expats a realistic overview of the job that will help expatriates to handle stress during the assignment more easily.

AstraZeneca also needs to provide proper educational counseling for expats children. This will help expatriates family to settle down in an unknown country.

Otherwise, expatriates may not fully devote themselves to work responsibilities which will in turn reduce expats productivity Dabic et al. AstraZeneca can also arrange a pre-assignment trip to give a realistic overview of the assignment that the expatriates are expected to perform.

Elements of expatriate compensation essay

Pre-assignment trip also helps expatriates by providing them firsthand experience to the culture in which they are going to work during the assignment. Cultural training is also a key factor, as it helps employees to deal with unpredictable incidents in the new culture.

However, AstraZeneca is known for the kind of training they provide to their employees. Still more is focus needed to be given to this factor. As every international assignment associated with lots of money, company need to be certain about its decisions.

Building a proper expat system is like constructing a building, that is tall strong and attractive. Pre-departure support from the organization is a long process that prepares expatriates for their overseas assignment.

This continues support for expats during the foreign assignments allows them to adjust and response to several encounters in differential cultural environment. AstraZeneca is considered as one the best in the world in providing support to the expatriates.Exploring the Elements of Merit Pay Performance Appraisal Types of Performance Appraisal Plans Exploring the Performance Appraisal Process Balance Sheet Approach for U.S.

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