Civil rule is better than military rule

As elected officials are being replaced by military leaders, Libya seems to be facing the alarming possibility of returning to military rule, writes Guma El-Gamaty. The world has witnessed many examples of this, although and in some cases, the regression to authoritarianism was for a short period. Democratisation or the process of transition from dictatorship to democracy can succeed, but it can also fail.

Civil rule is better than military rule

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Why is civilan rule better than military rule in nigeria? Its not because under military rule there was less crime and the economy was prosperous. Also there was less problems with Muslim militant groups than there is now. The mili…tary rules by force and not by the will of the people.

Military rule is seldom for the good of the people. Civil rights, in fact basic human rights are often none existent under military rule. Nigeria has been under military rules since They have rulesfor more than 30 year, having overthrown the President and theconstitution of authority.

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Civilian rule is better than Military rule? Well actually to be a good community you need both because think of segregation. If it were civilian rule black people would still be in separate schools and public places tha…n white people.

Military rule is bad sometimes because it may turn into a dictatorship They have both civilian adn military rule for the past years.

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Last time i knew they just have now "Military Rule. Reasons why is military better than civilian rule in Nigeria? Military governments traditionally are extremely restrictive in allowing personal freedoms of their citizens, and often result in a failed stat…e forming due to mass insurrection against the military government forming.

It has already been stopped. It has been gone since civilian rule is better than military rule Military rule represents a failure to make civil rule work.

Civil rule is better than military rule

Civil rule can look ineffectual, but it is actually a triumph of civilisation to have an army reporting to an elected civilian assembly.

Civilian rule is often better than military rule. Civilian rule is designed to take a functioning civil body and make it work for the population without the need for much intervention. Rule 54(b) provides that “[w]hen an action presents more than one claim for relief or when multiple parties are involved,” a district court “may direct entry of a final judgment as to one or more, but fewer than all, claims or parties only if the court expressly determines that there is no just reason for delay.”.

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Nigeria was only better than Madagascar, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Cameroun. Order and Security, Regulatory Enforcement, Civil Justice and Criminal Justice. Rule of law and security (1. Political transition in Nigeria has been based not only on the military ruler's conviction that civil rule was desirable but also on the expectation of the people that, after the military performed its rescue operation, it should turn power over to civilians.

Exits from Military Rule: Lessons for Burma. Author/Editor(s): Zoltan Barany; engagement with the outside world —far better off at the time of their transition than Burma. Therefore, the Burmese generals’ willingness to exit the country’s political stage in the foreseeable future is highly doubtful.

Civil rule is better than military rule
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